Terms and conditions

1. Presentation

Barcelona Photobloggers and Fotonauta invite any person fond of the photography to take part in the exclusive and permanent project of voltants.com.

The participation in the above mentioned project consists of sending by a free form, photographs of your environment, of your daily life, in order that these are used by the managers of voltants.com in exhibitions or projections, always under the name of voltants.com.

The managers of voltants.com are Fotonauta and some members of Barcelona Photobloggers (Marcelo Aurelio, Oscar Ciutat, Alfonso Para Martínez, Fran Simó). We will try to create a space where everyone shows their surroundings and could know about the others, from the received photographs.

2. Format

Images in JPG or PNG with a maximum filesize of 6 MB per photograph.

3. Photograhs

The photographs must be original and exclusive of the person that sends them. It means, every participant must be author and holder of the rights of explotation of every photograph that you send.

All photographs must respect the right of intimacy of the persons and the image itself, according with the Organic Law 1/1982 of May 5th, Civil Protection of the Right of Honor, the Personal Intimacy and familiar as well as at the image itself ( BOE num 115, of May 14th 1982) or other rule applied.

The content of the photographs must not contain obscene or defamatory material.

The full content image and copy rights (people, sites, situations, products, brand names, objects,Éetc) as well as the right of autor represented in the images and uploaded to the voltants server are the sole responsability of the person that upload them.

All participants must respond in the presence of any reclamation of authority that some third partie may do, in reference of some image upload by the participant.

All information, data, text, photographs, tags or any other material wether publicity posted or privatly transmitted, are the sole responsability of the person that uploaded the image to the server of voltants.com.

4. Cession of rights

The participation by sending the photographs means that the participants give free the rights of exploitation, distributions y public communication of their photographs to the managers of voltants.com, showing always the author's credit of each image. We will contact the author for explicit authorization if a different use of the image is intended.

The managers of voltants.com can exercise those rights in all places (national or international) and by any media (audiovisual, digital, print...).

The cession includes specially the use of the photographs in the advertising that we may use to promote the site of voltants.com

The managers of voltants.com reserve the right of not publishing any photograph we consider unsuitable for the project.

The managers of voltants.com reserve the right of canceling the exhibit and all the related events at any time and by any reason, in the case this is considered necessary.

The managers of voltants.com will not sell any image uploaded to the server of voltants.com. Nevertheless, the images can be transmitted to other person that, in the future, will continue with the project of voltants.com under the same terms and conditions.

5. Conflicts

The conflicts between the users of voltants.com, the authors and owners of the right of the photographs and voltants.com, will be solve by the Tribunales de Barcelona (Spain) and by the spanish law.

6. Protection of data

The managers of voltants.com reserve the right of notification by email relevant announces or advertising about voltants.com to all the participants.

The managers of voltants.com will not sell or share your personal information of the participants (email) to any third parties.

If you want to use your right of rectification of details or cancel your participation in voltants.com, you can do it by sending an email to voltants@voltants.com

7. Acceptation

Uploading images to the voltants.com project, implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions above.